About us

We are a small family operated business located in Rosa Brook, which is a beautiful farming community nestled in the Margaret River wine region in the South West of Western Australia.

I was originally a naturopath and very passionate about making all my own food from scratch which included dried fruit and meat. We love camping & fishing, and every time we took jerky and shared it around, people loved it. So this is how we became owners of Absolute Jerky.

Our beef products are as far as practicable Grass fed, MSA graded, and free of antibiotics. We source only local, south west beef to keep things local. We try and supply as much as possible ‘Gluten Free’ and ‘No Added Sugar’ products. We don’t add flavour enhancers, MSG, fish products, any long numbers or ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Some of the ingredients are even picked straight from our garden in an effort to make sure we know exactly what’s in our product. We pride ourselves on hand cutting and trimming our meat, then we marinate for 24 hours, ensuring that you get the tastiest artisan jerky possible. We dry the jerky in our dehydrators and then hand cut and vacuum seal our products to capture and lock in freshness and flavour.

You can also find us at the Margaret River markets most weekends. We are able to ship our product throughout Australia.

We look forward to you ‘Savouring the Flavour’ of our Absolute Jerky range.